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V-WATER (Biodermoglucan) is VPROVE’s essential and special ingredient that is completed by a bio fermentation process in which beta-glucan substance is fermented with red ginseng extract three times. The ingredient has been specially formulated to suit Koreans’ physical constitution and skin environment.

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Derma Index

The skin matching program is subdivided to address specific skin concerns, instead of just oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin types, to offer customized and proven solutions. VPROVE’s special formulas range from basic skincare to highly functional skincare categorized by efficacy and ingredient.

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Professional Networks

1) The know-how COSMOCOS Dermatology Institute has accumulated over 24 year. 2) The optimum effects and safety proven by certified domestic clinical agencies. 3) The Daily Derma advisory group consisting of dermatology specialists. 4) Daily Derma counseling managers.

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